Notes on Henry Augustus Scarborough, 1836-1863

He was Augustus, 13, in the 1850 Stewart County, Tennessee Census and Augustus, 23, in the 1860 District 9, Henry County, Tennessee Census.

Augustus’ full birth and death dates [3 DEC 1837 - 1 MAY 1863] are on his grave marker [in] Hopewell Cemetery where he is listed as Augustus Henry as recorded in Stewart County, Tennessee Burial Records p. 229. In the court settlement papers for his father’s estate he is listed as H. A. Scarborough. Marriage date [1859] is from Stewart County Marriage Records where they are listed H. A. and Margaret T. Rawley.

Margaret was born 19 Nov 1[8]41, Dover, Stewart Co,, TN and died 19 Sep 1922, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California. We’ve found no record of her parents in Stewart County. Information about her is from her obituary.

Claiborne McLemore, of Franklin, Wilson County, Tennessee reports (1996) that, as a young child, he recalls his grandmother’s telling that her father, Augustus Scarborough, died from a fall from a tree. Others report that, at Fort Donelson, during the Civil War, the Confederate soldiers were in dire need of food. They had no problem with eating horse meat but their horses were much needed in battle, so Augustus set out to steal a horse from the Federal troops. He was caught and hanged. His death date on his grave stone is 1 May 1863. The [battle at] Fort Donelson was 14 – 1[6] Feb 18[6]3, so there is some discrepancy here.

According to her obituary, Margaret married Charles P. Moore of Stewart County, Tennessee in 1868. Their children were Lillie, Gerald W., Mary E. and Robert Raleigh Moore all born in Dover. Charles died 1882 and in 1904 Margaret’s children moved to California and after about a year she joined them. In the 1870 Census there is Charles 56,. Margaret 27 and Bell 2. Her children, Ellen and Annie were not listed so they may have been living with some of the Scarborough family. In the 1880 Stewart County, Tennessee Census, Dover District there is Moore, A. 47 (must be 67), Margaret 38, Lillie (likely Bell of the 1870 census) 10, Mary 8 and Robert 5. Gerald was not listed. In the household there were also Scarboroughs, Ellis 20, Sedia 18, and Mollie 17, listed as step daughters. It is not sure just who these were as we only know that she had two girls by Augustus, Ellen and Annie. Also, in this census Margaret’s mother is listed as having been born in Maryland and her mother in Tennessee and Margaret as having been born in Kentucky.

A newspaper article from “Henry County’s Leading Newspaper” [Parisian or Post Intelligencer?] dated Fri. 29 Sep 1922 states, ” .. her many friends remember her as a woman of true worth and unusual abilities, especially along literary lines. Most of her long life was spent in reading and writing. She left many books, both of prose and poetry (Cynthia Jackson Perry, her great great granddaughter has one of the hand written originals). . . Mrs. Moore traced her lineage back to Sir Walter Raleigh and Oliver Cromwell and other men of great merit.”

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